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Review for Palmer st.Tour.

This is our second ” Townsville History Walking Tour”,it still amazes me all the history about our beautiful city.Bob the tour guide has all the details of our cities history ready to tell in detail to all the visitors that come along on these tours.A tour not to be missed.


Walk and listen, filling your mind with fascinating history of what has become the pre eminent city in North Queensland. Bob knows his history.

  • Greg says:

    Hey Bob
    Thanks for the RSDS special social tour. I was ( as was the rest of the team) really amazed and astounded by your speciality of knowledge in the history of townsville and its pioneers.
    An awesome morning.
    See ya next week cheers.😎

  • Sharon says:

    We did the west end cemetery tour with Bob he is a very knowledgeable man and told us the history of Townsville and the stories of those who had passed and now buried at this cemetery very informative and I recommend to anyone was very interesting

  • Kay Flanagan says:

    Cemetery Tour:
    WEST END CEMETERY TOUR…Thoroughly enjoyed the Cemetery Tour, our tour guide Bob was very informative with great knowledge of the past history figures of Townsville.
    The history behind the cemetery was so very interesting , the walk around the cemetery was enjoyable and not too long.
    I found the history of the high society and their deaths very interesting for such a small city.
    Bob amazed us with how much information he knew and no question was an issue.
    Great tour and I wouldn’t mind doing it again, Had such a great time with Bob that I have gone on to do his other tours of Townsville.
    Very friendly and gets the group participation with each other comfortably .
    Looking forward to The Blood and Tears Tour this week end ..
    Great tour , I hirely recommend doing the tour ..very interesting ..Bob knows he stuff..

    • Townsville History Walking Tours says:

      Thanks Kay for those comments, you were a great participant on the tour. Glad you enjoyed it, see you on the next tour.
      Regards Bob

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    Review for City “Bridge to Bridge” Tour with Nostalgic Morning Tea

    Who would have thought that sleepy little Townsville had so much intrigue and influential characters that shaped it to be known as Queen of the North. Having only spent 72 hrs in Townsville relaxing and getting some much needed sunshine, I wanted to learn more about the town I spent my childhood in. Joining Bob for the Bridge to Bridge tour was great. It was like walking with a friend. Passionate, engaging and personal tales along the way. Great pace, clear and well thought out walk. Totally worth it and am still thinking about some of those unsolved mysteries back here in Melbourne. Perfect way to orientate yourself with Townsville City. Highly recommend for those on a short visit.

    Review for City “Bridge to Bridge” Tour with Nostalgic Morning Tea

    I was born in Townsville in the 1950s, so there is quite a bit I already know about Townsville’s history. Doing the Townsville History Walking Tour with Bob was great. Not only was it a bit of a refresher about some things I had forgotten, I learned a whole lot more. Bob’s tour is a lot more than a visit to old buildings, it is both interesting and entertaining. He knows so much about the people involved and is able to tell interesting stories along the way. At the end of the tour, I wanted to do it all again. I highly recommend for both tourists and locals.

    Review for City “Bridge to Bridge” Tour with Nostalgic Morning Tea

    Great experience! Totally worth it 🙂